NDIS software program to provide Australian Disability Service Providers with a one-stop-shop-solution to manage the NATIONAL DISABILITY INSURANCE SCHEME.

A flexible solution to provide competences, staff and participant management, task automation, financial tools and business intelligence.

Flowlogic provides Australian Disability Service Providers to manage effectiveness and compliance under the NDIS.

We are proud to be one of the first software companies in Australia to bring an NDIS software package to the Australian market. Over the last four years, we have worked with over Hundred NDIS Service Providers helping to make this the most flexible NDIS software solution.

With twelve years of development experience for the community services management sector we can assist to collect the right data and gain insight to enhance participant outcomes and achieve a competitive advantage.


Why is FlowLogic the best for NDIS service providers?

FlowLogic is the most comprehensive cloud-based software for service providers of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. FlowLogic includes many features such as staff rostering, CRM functionality, workflows and task management, multi claims and internal purchasing components and more. Most importantly of all, everything is paperless, online, in one place. Here is why our customers love FlowLogic: FlowLogic has been specifically designed for disability service providers. FlowLogic is fully customisable and can be tailored to meet your needs. FlowLogic is cloud-based, so you can access the software from anywhere. There is no need to install the program on your device, be it on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. FlowLogic is straightforward. At Datanova, we don’t try to upsell different modules – you simply get what you see. Which is the entire package that allows you to be NDIS ready.

How safe is my data with Flowogic a cloud-based software?

All our data is stored in the Amazon cloud, an IRAP certified data center in Sydney. AusGov has moved and endorsed that data center for compliance and is recommended as a data hosting solution to Australian Service Providers and Software companies. Datanova does not outsource any work to companies or countries and all code is produced locally in our HQ on the Sunshine Coast.
Flowlogic, an architecturally designed Cloud Cluster Platform, runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services), ASD (Australian Signals Directory), Department of Defence certified, multihomed, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secured servers.
ISM Compliant, ASD Certification, ISO 9001:2008 Certification, ISO 9001:2008 Certification, ISO 27001:2013 Certification, ISO 27017:2015 Certification, ISO 27017:2015 Certification, ISO 27018:2014
Please visit Amazon for more info about the Information Security Registered Assessors Program https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/irap/

Does the NDIS software program Flowlogic work on mobile devices?

FlowLogic is a cloud-based NDIS software solution and works very well on any mobile device. The software also works on smartphones, but because of FlowLogic’s extensive functionality features we recommend you use it on laptops, desktop computers and tablets. The software comes with a comprehensive tracking system, which keeps track of who logged in last and what changes were made. It even saves all previous versions of a file or document. This way there is a never question about who made that particular change and from what device this was executed.

How much does Flowlogic and Flowpoint cost?

FlowLogic software is distributed as part of a SaaS (software as a service) agreement. This SaaS agreement is between your company and Datanova. This means you, as the software subscriber, use our software for a set time, for a set price. The agreement sets out the exact terms and conditions under which we license you to use the software. To find out more, contact our dedicated consultants on 1300 552 166.

Can I get a free NDIS software demo?

If your business is NDIS ready we would love to show you how we can help and offer you a free demo of the FlowLogic NDIS software. Contact our dedicated consultants on 1300 552 166.

Is there a list with all NDIS specific features for Flowlogic?

FlowLogic’s is developed as a customisable system, focused on the management of NDIS participants and staff, all financial and administrative aspects of your organisation under NDIA. NDIS Software Program features: NDIS Staff Rostering Manage properties Bulk Payments to NDIA Workflows & tasks Internal Messaging Role-based permissions Plan Mgmt. & Budgets HR Staff Management Analytical reporting Intuitive Dashboard Complains & Feedback Critical Incident For more information and a full list of features please visit https://datanova.com.au/ndis-software/.

What kind of ongoing support do you offer for Flowlogic?

Support services are provided by a full service or help desk service, contactable by email and phone during business hours. Each support request is logged with Datanova’s helpdesk staff and an automated support ID is provided by email to the requester.
Emergency after hour support is available.

Ongoing Support / Account Management - Dedicated account management can be assigned and is recommended to each client. Datanova highly values our relationships and ensures that the highest level of service is provided with direct access to key staff, management and technical support.

Datanova’s Data Captains take care of traditional administration tasks, new features set up, customising Flowlogic(not development), training users, and “ready to use” new features that become available with each Flowlogic update. We commit to keeping scheduled monthly appointments, run workshops and work with you to make sure your FlowLogic system is healthy and up-to-date. Data Captains manage all development projects and tasks for your organisation. Data Captains are thoroughly familiar with the customisation capabilities of Flowlogic and Flowpoint and are responsive to your staff and all users.

What applications does your software natively integrate with?

MYOB, XERO, Quickbooks, IMS, NDIA, (export of ready to read and upload files), COMING SOON direct integration to the NDIA portal with no uploads or downloads required.
We can integrate FlowLogic into any software package with online API access.

How scalable is Flowlogic and Flowpoint?

Flowlogic and Job Active, an architecturally designed Cloud Cluster Platform, runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services), ASD (Australian Signals Directory), Department of Defence certified, multihomed, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secured servers in Sydney, Australia.

Our unique Cloud Cluster Platform currently runs 148 server instances at any given time. The Cluster setup allows for great flexibility and can create or retire servers in the Cluster when needed.

What kind of Data migration do you offer?

File Formats for text data are submitted in Excel, CSV or text without any formatting and in UTF-8, for images JPEG and PNG, and any PDF documents. When data needs to be combined there are different options for clients depending on the system you are extracting the data from. For example: is there a data linkage if two exported CSV files need to be merged into the database without losing the relationship. Please note that data needs to be password protected before any transfer occurs regardless of the method of data transfer. The Data Linkage team can assist with the export of the data and will identify if any of the restraints on the import. External clients can also use our SSl service to submit securely data to us to import. And if no other options are available then secure physical media such as portable hard drives or disks may be used.

What are the standard disaster recover Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)?

Customer File Backups
Stored on own drive and mounted to master
Synchronised every 24 hours from master server to second server
Synchronised data is then bundled, compressed and sent to Amazon S3 storage
Amazon S3 storage bundles (daily snapshots) are kept in S3 for 180 days and then automatically deleted

Customer File Disaster Recovery
Individual customer files recovery:
Retrieve customer backup from S3 to master server (estimated max time required: 1 hour)
Extract backup (estimated max time required: 35 mins)
Recovering all customer files would be a batch operation of the above process. Time required will depend on total volume (size in GB) of customer data.

Customer Database Backups
Managed by AWS RDS service
Complete snapshot taken of all customer databases every 24 hours
Snapshots retained for 28 days and then automatically deleted
Database Disaster Recovery Strategy
Complete database snapshot can be restored to the new RDS instance (estimated time required by AWS: within 4 hours).

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How close participants are to achieving goals and dedicates the trophies.


Are the limitations on how participants can achieve their nominated NDIS goals.

Participants to explore previously uncharted possibilities spaces.

The specific outcome that participants will work to achieve.

Is Flowlogic NDIS Support Coordination software?

All-in-one system for NDIS Support Coordinators, Plan Managed and Serviced Participants. Trensetting NDIS software package with all the right tools to manage client services under the the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Is Flowlogic NDIS Plan Manager software?

FlowLogic is a true one-stop-shop NDIS software solution which allows you to work more efficiently and operate compliantly with your Serviced and Plan Managed Participants. Automate and streamline your NDIS managed and serviced participants processes with one software. The advantage that all critical functions and processes are in one central database, because all reports and dashboards extract data from a single, centralised data repository, the multiple versions of the truth that your employees currently obtain from disparate systems and spreadsheets are eliminated.